Horse Care

Why Pre-Purchase Exams are important

Pre-purchase exams are important for any horses, free or expensive, to identify any current medical issues or potential future health issues. Often times a pre-purchase exam results can help when negotiating purchase price on a horse.

Horse Care

Shoo fly!

Horse owners can choose among a wide selection of horse clothing and gear to protect their horses from bothersome bugs. Consider one or more of the options below to keep your horse comfortable this fly season.

Horse Care

Fourth of July: Keeping Your Horse Safe and Happy

When the snap, crackle and pops of the Fourth of July light up the sky, a horse’s reaction can range anywhere from scant acknowledgment to an all-out panic. Read these suggestions to enjoy this holiday and keep your horses safe.


Quiz: What Breed of Horse are You?


Are you a Quarter Horse or a Mustang? Are you a Shetland Pony or a Clydesdale? Take our fun quiz to find out what Breed of Horse you REALLY are!

Tack & Apparel

Choosing the Right Tack for your Kids

One of my favorite sayings in regard to kids and horses is, “green on green makes black and blue.” I’m not sure who coined the phrase but they are wise words to live by for any novice rider, kids included. While most people understand that the horse they choose will likely determine how far their…

Horse Care

Tracking Your Horse’s Routine Maintenance

Own Horses long enough and you will likely be forced to cope with your share of illnesses and injuries that are anything but routine, we can often mitigate the risk of these unwanted surprises by ensuring our horse’s routine maintenance needs are always met and maintained.

Horse Care

Grooming to Get That Horse Show Shine

Though proper nutrition is the key ingredient to making a horse’s coat shine, there are some easy ways to help your equine partner stand out from the crowd in a show ring.