Riding & Training

Stable Bites

Long days of sun up to sun down, riding, grooming and stable up keep can take a toll on both mind and body; preparing for each day with easy on the go snacks to keep the body nourished will allow for better focus, increased energy and better physical recovery.

Riding & Training

Understanding Cutting

In the horse world, there are specialties that push a horse’s true physical and mental potential to the limit time and time again. Among those highly specialized disciplines, including racing and jumping, cutting ranks right near the top.

Riding & Training

Pre-Riding Stretches

Practice stretching regularly with proper breathing patterns can allow for more sound and peaceful thoughts which is essential for connecting a rider with his/her horse.

Horse Care

Why Pre-Purchase Exams are important

Pre-purchase exams are important for any horses, free or expensive, to identify any current medical issues or potential future health issues. Often times a pre-purchase exam results can help when negotiating purchase price on a horse.