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10 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat!


Learning ways to stay out of the summer heat (and humidity) is important for both you and your horse! Here are some great tips and products that will help you beat the summer heat. Don’t let hot weather keep you from riding your horse.

  1. Set your alarm and ride in the early morning or head out later in the evening. Avoid the afternoon heat while you are working at the barn or on your horse. Your horse will thank you too!
  2. Wear lightweight, breathable shirts with athletic fabrics like the Noble Outfitters™ Amy Short Sleeve Short Quarter Zip. It features Opti-Dry Technology and provides additional protection with longer sleeves and a collar to protect the back of your neck.
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    Sleeveless shirts and tank tops can be a great way to stay cool but be sure to wear sunscreen when you are under the intense summer sun. DSC_1018 by andreavallejos, on flickr
  4. Wear sunscreen! The back of your neck, chest, face, and shoulders will be catching those rays all day and you will want protection from skin cancer and painful sun burns! And, don’t forget sunscreen for your horse if he or she is sensitive!
  5. Not keen on sunscreen? Then use an Equivisor! They protect against the sun with their 4” brim but won’t obstruct your vision. Being versatile, they can be worn with or without a helmet. These stylist helmet visors also stay on at a full gallop!
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    You horse will need extra care in the summer heat as they work and sweat. Be sure they have access to fresh, clean water and electrolytes like a mineralized salt brick. 2241 by Baker County Tourism, on flickr
  7. DRINK WATER! It is recommended to drink a minimum of eight 8 oz glasses of water a day (that’s four 16oz water bottles ladies)! If you are working out in the sun and perspiring, you should be drinking additional water. Be sure to drink before, during, and after your ride. Don’t forget your horse! They are working hard and sweating too so be sure they have access to clean fresh water and electrolytes (like mineralized salt bricks).
  8. Wear evaporative gear! There are several options out there for cooling vests, caps, and neck coolers that make riding in the heat bearable, almost comfortable!. Companies like Cool Medics have a wide range of products for you to choose from including items for your dog and your horse.
  9. Keep your feet cool and comfortable in your tall boots or paddock shoes and half chaps with summer socks designed for breathability. Noble Outfitters™ has two socks that will have your feet singing this summer; the XtremeSoft Boot Sock and the Over-The-Calf Peddies!
  10. Pick the shady place. If you are headed out on a trail ride and plan to ride well into the heat of the day, choose a shady location. Get the facts about your riding location ahead of time so you know which trails offer trees and cool rest breaks. If you are at home or at the barn, ride in a shady arena or covered barn. Don’t have either of those? Then plant trees near your arena (check your local city ordinance first) so you will have a shady place to play in future years!
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    Summer riding gloves with a breathable mesh like these Noble Outfitters™ Perfect Fit™ Cool Mesh Gloves are perfectly suited for riding in hot weather.
  12. Add fans to your barn aisle or grooming area. These will help lower the temperature in those areas before and after you ride. It will be pleasant for both you and your horse to come back to a place that’s cool and breezy!
  13. Don’t dread riding in gloves this summer! There are many breathable and lightweight options for schooling and showing on the market. The Noble Outfitters™ Perfect Fit™ Cool Mesh Gloves most important thing is keeping the experience positive and safe for you, your horse, your group, and other bystanders. If you are going with a group, be sure everyone understands the goals for the ride. It’s about having fun so remember your group trail etiquette!

With these tips, summer heat does not have to mean staying away from your horse. Remember to be aware of the time, don’t let the day get away from you so you are out in the hot afternoon sun. Know the signs of heat exhaustion for both you and your horse. Most of all, remember to enjoy the ride!

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Alek Majtenyi’s love of horses began at a very young age with pony rides and reading endless horse stories. She started riding English at age 10 and joined The United States Pony Club at age 18 where she earned her C1 Level Rating. While earning her B.A. in English at the University of California, Davis, Alek worked at the UC Davis Equestrian Center giving beginning riding lessons to horse crazy girls and riding horses. She has worked closely with all ages and levels of riders in the last 10 years as the manager of The Tack Room, a small retail shop in Modesto, CA. She currently lives in Oakdale, CA with her German Shepherd Dog, Kyra, and lovely Thoroughbred mare, Miss Vesta.

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