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9 Essentials to Bring to the AQHA Select World Show


The AQHA Select World Championship Show is around the corner! You have worked all year long to qualify for this event, and have worked even longer to make sure you are ready for it. Hours have been spent in the saddle to make sure each maneuver is perfect and ready to execute at the right moment. Mentally you have practiced each pattern that you will be performing and are ready to face to the competition.

Noble Outfitters has compiled a list of ten essential items that will help make packing for an unforgettable week a breeze.


  1. Playlist

Horse showing is as much of a mental sport as it is a physical sport. Music can help you remain focused and in the right mindset to conquer your class. Whether you like to listen to a slower song to calm your nerves, or a fast one to get you pumped, know what music is going to get you going and make a playlist around it.


  1. Boots

Of course you have boots, but do you have comfortable boots? You will be walking for miles each day. Are your boots going to make your feet feel comfortable all week? Noble Outfitters All Around Boots are designed for the athlete in you and for the comfort of your feet, they are prepared to go the distance – no break-in time required. Plus, the square toe and great leather provide a polished appearance in the show pen.

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  1. Socks

Having the correct socks to ride in throughout the week are going to help keep your feet feeling good as well. Amarillo can be very hot and humid, so a thinner sock like the Noble Outfitters Over the Calf Peddies and boot socks are great options to provide protection for your feet and legs without adding bulk and heat or slipping down your leg. These socks are perfect for Western or English riders!


  1. Spurs

Your spurs are an extension of yourself to help you communicate with your horse. Be sure to pack the right pair of spurs that your horse likes and allows you to get the job done. Bring an extra pair just in case you feel the need for something different.


  1. Your Hat

Hats have become a statement piece in the show pen. Whether you have wild leathers on your hat, bright colors, buck stitch, or just have it shaped for you, your hat is a way for people to know who you are. Be proud to put your hat on when you step on your horse, just don’t forget it in the overhead bin on the airplane!


  1. Undershirt

Oftentimes show clothing can be hot, thick and sweaty, especially in Texas. Having the right undershirt allows you to stay comfortable while looking good. The Noble Outfitters Hailey Long Sleeve Crew is a thin material that wicks away moisture from your body as you are riding. Don’t let the long sleeves deceive you, having them can be extremely helpful to prevent your leather jacket from sticking to your arms, making it easier for you to take it off after your great run.


  1. Show Shirt

Whether you enjoy blinged out show clothing or a classic fitted shirt, choose an outfit that makes you feel and look like a million dollars when you step into the arena. If classic fitted shirts are your style, grab the Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Western Show Shirt for a seamlessly polished appearance. These shirts can be embellished with rhinestones or designs if you would like to add a splash of shine to them.

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8. Celebration Outfit

Win, lose, or draw, simply walking into the arena with your horse and competing is a victory. Take time to celebrate how far you have come to make it to this moment! Pack a celebration outfit that will make you feel extra special. Add the Noble Outfitters Arizona Knit Vest for a little western flair without adding any bulk or heat to the already hot and humid weather. This vest comes in Navy and Oatmeal, so you can be sure to match your outfit.


9. Confidence

Arguably the most important thing for you to bring to the AQHA Select World Show is your confidence. You have worked so hard to get to this point; take a moment to appreciate your horse, your trainer, your family, and yourself for the time you’ve put in. When you step into the arena, let your confidence shine out to make the judges want to watch you. You can do this!

Good luck to all exhibitors at the AQHA Select World Show! Are there any essential items that you have to bring with you that we have missed? Share them with us in the comments!


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