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A Conversation with Leah Lang-Gluscic

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I had the opportunity to speak with Leah Lang-Gluscic prior to her run at Rolex 2016, and then had the pleasure of watching her successfully complete the event, finishing 33rd on her horse A.P. Prime. I thought it would be a great opportunity to catch up with Leah again and see what her goals were looking ahead to 2017, what some of her favorite products are, and what she loves most about teaching.

SBC: How did Rolex change the way that you approach teaching and training?

LLG: Completing Rolex confirmed that the program I have been using and the coaches I work with are consistently producing good results. Having checked that accomplishment off of my list, I am now really able to focus on the nitty-gritty details of how I got there in the first place. With my students, I am working on the fundamentals that I used myself in order to help them reach their own goals. All of the attention to detail and all of the baby steps that we took to train for Rolex really helps when training any one of my students, no matter how large or small their goal.

SBC: What are you most excited about for 2017?

LLG: We had a disappointment earlier this year when A.P. Prime aggravated his collateral ligament and we were unable to compete in the Burghley 4* Horse Trials. However, he has made great progress with his rehabilitation and is on track to be back to full work this December. One of our goals will be to try to get back to Burghley in 2017, and we have applied for USEA’s Rebecca Broussard International Travel Grant to allow us to do some additional training and to stay overseas around the event.

I am also very excited about several nice young prospects who really stepped up to the plate while A.P. has been recovering. One is a young mare who is running Training level with the potential to go Advanced, and I have another who is currently running Prelim but is showing upper level talent. The only trouble with having so many nice prospects is that it will be hard for me to sell them!

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Top photo by Diane Flowers.

SBC: What do you love most about teaching?

LLG: I’m lucky in that I get to work with a very high-achieving group of young women. I have students who travel from as far as Colorado, and one who comes to Florida with me every year. Working with such hard-working, smart, and driven young people is incredibly rewarding. A.P. getting injured was a very tough time for me, but having them depending on me kept me motivated. Seeing their dedication to both their horses and to their goals was my inspiration.

SBC: What are three items you can’t live without?

LLG: That’s pretty easy, actually! I absolutely love Noble Outfitters Wave Fork. My mother and I do the stalls at the barn, and not only does it make the job so much easier, but the comfortable handle is easy on our hands.

The second item is Ashley Long Sleeve Performance Shirt. I lived in one all summer long! Sun damage is a real consideration. I actually rode in one during the cross country phase at Rolex.

Lastly, anyone who knows me knows that being organized is not a strong suit of mine. The Equinessential Tote is a life-saver! It holds everything I could possibly need, plus the mesh bottom keeps things clean no matter how dirty they get.

For more information about Leah and her program, you can visit her website, LLG Eventing. Leah’s facility, is based in Freeport, Illinois, and Ocala, Florida where she offers sales, training, lessons and coaching.

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