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Noble Outfitters™ All-Purpose Stall Wash is a must have, especially for stalls at shows. This product will change the way you think about cleaning your horses and their surroundings! The deep penetrating formula cleans areas prone to pathogens, viruses, bacteria and fungus and stays active for 7 days. “I LOVE my Noble Outfitters Stall Wash, I use it before putting my horses in their stalls at shows and places other than home. Whatever I can do to keep my horses safe, this absolutely works the best!” says Peyton Simmons, Noble Outfitters Brand Ambassador. 

If you are moving into new show ground with your horse or just need to clean the barn, grab a bottle of our Stall Wash. Unlike traditional toxic sanitizing steps such as bleach or chlorine, Noble Outfitters® All-Purpose Stall Wash is made from non-toxic, food-grade safe ingredients. Proudly made in the USA, this Stall Wash cleans on contact and is fragrance and dye free. It also works to neutralize odor and reduce fly exposure and is laboratory tested as well as Veterinarian, FEI, and USEF approved.

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“Large Animal Stall Wash Spray is essential when cleaning a stall. Getting rid of harmful bacteria and ammonia is important as it improves your horse’s stall time,” recommends Alisa Landis, Noble Outfitters Brand Ambassador.

All-Purpose Stall Wash comes in a concentrate which can be taken to horse shows to easily mix in a sprayer so you can clean your stalls before placing your horses in them. Stall Wash Concentrate can be diluted with water at a 1:50 ratio, or 2.5 oz per gallon of water. This means one 32oz bottle will yield 12 gallons of stall wash! That is a lot of clean stalls! This product is convenient in the fact that it can be applied while the horse’s food, water and bedding that are still in the stall.

Join us at AQHYA World in Oklahoma City, August 5-13, and don’t forget to pack your own bottle of All-Purpose Stall Wash. Shop online or find a dealer near you.

WATCH how to make a gallon of Noble Outfitters All-Purpose Stall Wash.

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