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Bright Days Ahead For Grooming


One wouldn’t think grooming tools could be trendy. A rubber curry comb is a rubber curry comb; a hoof pick is a small metal object with a crook at the end. Right? Well, think again.

If you’re a horse owner, at some point you are going to groom that furry critter in your barn. The extent of grooming depends on the horse’s use and the rider’s initiative. However, no matter if you are grooming for the show ring, polo, roping or simply before you hit the trail with your friends, trends in grooming tools can be fun.

This year the grooming supplies are hitting the shelves—or an internet site, as the case may be. Bright colors are in, according to Cid Klebenow, manager of the Bozeman Saddle Outlet in Bozeman, MT.

“We’re seeing bright colors in everything, including bright pinks, lime greens, lemon yellows and neon orange. Fluorescent red and blues are popping up in grooming tools everywhere,” Klebenow notes. Everything is colorful, from mane combs, brushes, hoof picks (Noble Outfitters manufactures hoof picks), and curry combs.

Need to give your horse a bath? The vibrant colors even follow you to the wash rack. “Buckets, sponges, grooming mitts and hoses are all available in bright colors. One plus with such dazzling colors is that will certainly keep you from losing your brush in the grass or on leaving in hanging out on the side of your horse trailer,” notes Klebenow.


EquiEssential Grooming Tote can keep your grooming tools organized

Another trend is the popularity of grooming totes, those wonderful satchels that hold all of your brushes and supplies and lets you easily lug it all from tack room to trailer. “Not only are grooming totes becoming extremely popular but they’re now showing up in the bright colors. We’re seeing plenty of totes complete with brushes, combs, hoof picks, everything you need for grooming your horse in amazingly cheery hues.” And colors aren’t the only thing new for grooming totes! The new Noble Outfitters™ EquinEssential Tote is an organizational dream! Keep all your fun colorful grooming supplies in perfect order with this one-of-a-kind tote.

Glance through tack catalogs and even basic boring spray bottles are available in bright colors, along with matching buckets, wash sponges, and, yes, even hoses.

“Possibly the real plus to a neon orange hose is you won’t trip over it in the grass,” Klebenow chuckles.

Kids aren’t forgotten this year in the whimsy of colorful equipment. Brushes boast butterflies, horses and hearts. Grooming supplies are being manufactured in kid size, which is perfect for adults with smaller hands. Palm-grip brushes are surging in popularity, as are the Great Grip Flex brushes.

For those who want to treat their horse to an “extra special” grooming, purchase a rubber jelly massage mitt. The mitt has a magnetic therapy balls that swill soothe your horse while you groom him. It might make your horse so relaxed you’ll want to try it on yourself.

All of the above-mentioned products may be purchased from your local tack/saddle shop, farm supply store or from your favorite internet equine supply website.

Happy Grooming!


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With more than 35 years of riding experience, Rebecca Colnar has been involved with horse publications for more than 25 years including Equus, Horseplay, Women and Horses, The Mane Points (Southern States’ horse publication for horse owners), BLAZE and the Certified Horsemanship Association. She has her own public relations/publications business based in Sheridan, Wyoming. Although she grew up on the east coast, where she enjoyed foxhunting, polo and pleasure riding, she currently plays polo in Sheridan, Wyoming with the Big Horn Polo Club and works cattle horseback on her ranch in Custer, Montana. She also enjoys riding sidesaddle.

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