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DIY: Horse & Rider Halloween Hula Costume



This costume is fun, easy and affordable!

This great DIY costume is perfect for in-hand or under saddle costume classes around Halloween. It is easy to pull together and you can usually find supplies online, at a thrift shop or Halloween store! Use your imagination and embellish it to make this costume more personalized to you and your horse. Enjoy!

  1. Grass Skirt attached to the saddle or surcingle, over the rump (do not tie it around the belly/flank!)
    Available at, $4.99
  2. Coconuts around the neck or attached to a breast plate
    Available at, $3.99
  3. Lei of flowers around the neck or added to the halter or bridle
    Available at, $0.59
  4. For The Rider: Hula costume with the grass skirt easily worn over breeches or jeans for cooler climates and the coconut shells over a white tee shirt.
    Available at, $19.99
  5. For The Rider: Helmet decorated appropriately with flowers or with a themed helmet cover
    Available at, $18.99
  6. Optional: body bling in the shape of hibiscus flower, palm tree, or other tropical image.
    Available at, $9.99
  7. Optional:  Add 11” Jumbo sunglasses for a really fun look!
    Available at, $3.99
  8. Optional: Twinkle Glitter Horse Gel for the mane, tail, or hooves.
    Available at, $14.99


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