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Dressing in Layers {Part 1}

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For those of us who love to ride during the winter months, dressing appropriately is a must! At Noble Outfitters, we suggest layers – three layers is the magic number: a base layer, a mid-layer and an outer layer.


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The base layer should be snug and needs to be made from a fabric that won’t absorb moisture or sweat. Synthetic fabrics work best and transport moisture away from the body, keeping you warm and dry. Take our Hailey Long Sleeve Crew, for example. The riding top is a perfect performance layering foundation, made with Opti-Dry Technology that wicks moisture away. Comfortable socks in materials such as Merino wool will provide natural warmth. Try our Alpine Merino Wool Sock and stay comfortable in any temperature.

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A mid-layer should fit loosely without being baggy. Mid-layers are designed to trap and hold body heat and to also carry moisture away from the base layer. We recommend a fleece jacket or pullover with a zip neck, such as Lauren Quarter Zip. Zip necks are perfect for quick and easy ventilation, allowing you to trap heat in cool conditions. They can be easily opened to release heat during strenuous activity.

Next week: Outer layer and hands, head and feet


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