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Efficient Horse Show Packing – Rider Edition

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Getting ready for the first horse show of the season is usually a highly anticipated event done weeks in advance. But after the first one, we tend to get more and more relaxed about the packing and that’s when things start to be forgotten. The best way to avoid running all over the show looking for a belt or spurs to borrow is to pack efficiently, organized and consistently every time.

1) Have specific show clothes & bag

While having specific show clothes seems like a no-brainer, make sure you have clothes for outside the ring that are battle tested. Having a thin sweater for layering like the Homerun Crew Sweater or a waterproof jacket like the Cheval Waterproof Jacket make packing for inclement weather weekends a no-brainer. Putting your clean show clothes straight into a show duffle means all packing takes is a quick glance through. Pick a bag with plenty of pockets will make it easy to find smaller items and to keep dirty clothes away from clean ones. The 6.2 Hands Duffle is great because it has an exterior pocket with a mesh bottom so your dirty socks won’t be deadly by the time you get home.

2) Your garment bag is your best friend

I’m not joking. My garment bag is home to show coats, gloves, stock ties, stock pins, hairnets, hair ties, safety pins and so much more. Get a sturdy garment bag with a pocket, like the Show Ready Garment Bag and let your show prep instruments live in it forever. Nothing has kept my Show Ready Leather Gloves whiter than having them live at the bottom of my garment bag. I always know where they are and never have to worry about them getting dirty.

3) Always have extra socks

Whether it’s because of rain or sweat, socks rarely last through halfway of a long show. Being able to change into a fresh pair of socks can completely change your mood, especially when they’re padded and breathable. Over the Calf Peddies are the best for long days because the foot is padded but the calf is ultra-thin.

4) Take care of your boots

Getting your show boots cleaned and put away at the end of the show is an easy step that will pay off a ton at your next show. Always scrub and polish them before putting them away so that it is one less thing you have to do packing for the next one. Using a good boot bag, like the Just for Kicks Boot Bag means you can keep your boots clean as well as easily check that they’re packed.

5) Swear by straps

Having as many things as possible consolidated into bags with straps is a necessity you don’t realize you need until you’re making a hundred trips to and from the car dropping things left and right. Whether you’re coming from the hotel or going to the ring, having a good backpack like the Ringside Pack will give you piece of mind and free up your hands.


Do you have your own tips on how to stay organized? Share them in comments below! 

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Marina Royston is an Eventer from Upperville, Virginia. While she currently works at a fox hunting stable, she has experience in many disciplines in both English and Western.

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