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Horse Girls Can Fix Anything!

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If there is one thing all horse girls are famous for, it’s their ability to fix almost anything. All you need is baling twine or duct tape and you’re ready for anything and everything the mischievous horses in the barn might throw your way. Here are our favorite horse hacks using only two handy products.

Duct Tape

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

It fixes just about everything! From a cracked bucket to stopping leaks to an emergency boot patch, duct tape is the essential tool for every horse girl. Keep a roll or two in your tack trunk, truck grooming tote and anywhere else you can remember – and you will be glad you did. Here are the top 5 equestrian hacks using duct tape:  

  1. Patterned duct tape is a great way to identify everyone’s supplies, just tape the handles of your grooming supplies! Everyone gets their own color or their own pattern.
  2. Fix your half chaps, horse blankets or fold duct tape over and it could double as a belt. First aid kit is empty? Duct tape can serve as an emergency band aid – for you AND your horse.
  3. Duct tape makes quick and easy stall signs, rein stops, pole stripes and more.
  4. No one wants flying insects buzzing around the barn! Keep bugs at bay by hanging long strips of duct tape from the ceiling (like flypaper).
  5. Duct tape is also great to help protect your horse’s hoof if they lose a shoe between farrier appointments. Simply wrap your horse’s hoof edge to prevent chipping.

Baling Twine

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Also known as duct tape’s partner in crime. From missing shoelaces to emergency hair ties, there is nothing a ball of twine can’t fix. But we don’t want to talk about obvious uses such as tying stuff down in the back of your truck or hanging water buckets, that would be too easy. Here are the top 5 equestrian hacks using baling twine:  

  1. Make your own tail whip – attach some baling twine streamers to the end of an old crop and use it to chase the bugs away from the horse’s head during trail rides.
  2. Separate the strands and use it for dental floss.
  3. Save your trailer and barn from damage or your tack from breaking by using a piece of baling twine to your trailer tie, cross ties, hitching post, etc. then tie your rope to the loop. If your horse pulls back, the loop breaks but not your expensive new leather halter.
  4. Use baling twine as a belt to keep your pants up, use it as a spur strap, temporary dog leash or use it to make a clothesline at shows to dry saddle pads, socks, and other small items.
  5. Out of hay nets? Use your trusted bailing twine to create one. Tutorial HERE.


These are just a small selection of hacks for equestrians. Do you have any little tips for making a task a little simpler around the barn or at the show? Comment below or email them to and your hack may appear on Noble Life.

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