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Natural Disaster Preparedness Tips


Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare you and your horses for a natural disaster. Be it flood, fire, earthquake, or tornado there are some simple things to do and have on hand just in case the worst case scenario becomes reality.

  • Evacuation Plan ready to go if you have to move animals and people in a hurry.  Practice It!
  • Emergency Kit in a sealed tote that is clearly labeled and kept current and well maintained.
    • Flashlight and portable radio with extra batteries
    • Blankets and extra clothing for people
    • First aid kit for people and animals
    • Wire cutters
    • Leather gloves
    • Two knives
    • Buckets and haynets
    • Shovel and axe or saw
    • Extra Halters and lead ropes
    • Duct Tape
  • Prioritize which animals are to go first if you have limited transportation, and a buddy system for the animals to ensure they are accounted for.
  • Pictures of your animals for identification in case they get loose or separated.
  • Emergency-only Halters kept on hand labeled with your name and telephone number in case you have to turn your horses loose. Even a can of spray paint so that you can write your phone number directly on your horse’s body (don’t worry it will come off later).
  • Food and Water for at least 72 hours for each animal.
  • Keep an Emergency Contact List and make sure it is current.
  • Keep your truck and trailer well maintained with yearly safety inspections. offers a great workbook for disasters preparedness. Print and fill out a copy and keep it in your emergency kit. Go over it at least once a year with your friends and family. By being prepared you can save lives!

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Alek Majtenyi’s love of horses began at a very young age with pony rides and reading endless horse stories. She started riding English at age 10 and joined The United States Pony Club at age 18 where she earned her C1 Level Rating. While earning her B.A. in English at the University of California, Davis, Alek worked at the UC Davis Equestrian Center giving beginning riding lessons to horse crazy girls and riding horses. She has worked closely with all ages and levels of riders in the last 10 years as the manager of The Tack Room, a small retail shop in Modesto, CA. She currently lives in Oakdale, CA with her German Shepherd Dog, Kyra, and lovely Thoroughbred mare, Miss Vesta.

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