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On the Road with Noble Outfitters: Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supplies

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In this week’s episode of “On the Road with Noble Outfitters” we visited Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supplies in Streetsboro, OH.


“On the Road with Noble Outfitters” host and Noble Outfitters CEO Dan Costa was excited to visit the 45,000-square feet store south of Cleveland. Since local feed and tack stores are the retailing backbone of America, “On the Road with Noble Outfitters” seeks to visit them and see their transformation from their humble beginnings into the successful retailers they are now, just like Big Dee’s.


Dan introduced us to Grant Ralston and Tabitha Day, Big Dee’s Store Managers. The trio talked about Big Dee’s and the products they carry – a wide variety of Western and English products. Did you know that all employees in their English department are certified to fit helmets, measure for tall boots and do custom work? One of Big Dee’s specialties is harness racing. Since they are located near a harness racing track, they stock a lot of harness racing industry products for their local customers.


Later we’ve met Brenda Miavitz and Gail Linsley, owners of Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supply. They shared the story of their company that started in mid seventies – their dad’s dream was to be a business owner. He concentrated on things specific to the local customer and that’s what helped him to create a successful business. Now Brenda and Gail are second-generation business owners and they have been involved with the store their whole life. Currently, majority of their business is the mail order part and they are planning to expand their website and offer their customers a new shopping experience very soon. We also visited Big Dee’s warehouse and Brenda shared a useful piece of information – order from Big Dee’s by 3 p.m. and your order will be shipped the same day! Now that’s impressive!

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Dan talked to Lauren Mansky, this week’s Noble Child of Tomorrow. Her first experience with horses was when she was only 6 month old, so no wonder Lauren grew up into an accomplished equestrian. She owns several ponies, belongs to the Pony Club and owns her own equestrian inspired business, Silver Lining Studio.


Finally, Big Dee’s Marketing Manage Jena Ianiro presented the recipe of the week – fresh waffles and the most important part, homemade maple syrup. Jena’s family has been producing maple syrup for four generations. They need to tap 500 trees and generate 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup. We don’t have the maple syrup recipe, but you can get the homemade waffles recipe HERE and don’t forget to watch the full episode below.

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