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On the Road with Noble Outfitters: Cowpokes


In this week’s episode of “On the Road with Noble Outfitters” we visited Cowpokes Work & Western in Anderson, Indiana.


Inside the store, “On the Road with Noble Outfitters” host and Noble Outfitters CEO Dan Costa was welcomed by Sheila Skinner, one of Noble Outfitters original sales people. She briefly talked about the local importance of Cowpokes, how they have been involved with local charities such as Agape Riding School, where they provide local children with the opportunity to ride horses. Stores like Cowpokes really do to take care of the local community, so when you shop, shop local and support your local independent dealer, because they are helping their community.


Later we were introduced to Jeff & Lynette Boone, co-owners of Cowpokes. The couple shared how they got started 23 years ago – as college students they shared a vision, put the nose to the grindstone and made it happen. A true American business success story!


This episode featured not one, but two Noble Children of Tomorrow, a brother-sister combo Mackenzie Boone and Gunner Boone. Gunner rides and shows horses, while Mackenzie has her own business called Sew Beyond. She is making infinity scarves with a zipper so you can keep your valuables like money or phone close to you.


This week’s Recipe of the Week was presented by Lynette Boone, one of Cowpokes owners. She showed us a tasty Italian Roast beef Sandwich. Dan, formerly a chef, appreciated the dish and he couldn’t resist taking a bite! Get the recipe HERE.

Finally, Jeff Boone showed Dan how to shape a hat. There are no set guidelines and it’s all about preference, so Cowpokes offers hat-shaping to anyone who wants to customize their hat. Did Dan get his hat shaped? Watch the full episode below!

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