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On The Road With Noble Outfitters: Harry’s

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In this week’s episode of “On the Road with Noble Outfitters,” we visited Harry’s in San Saba, Texas.

“On the Road with Noble Outfitters” host and Noble Outfitters CEO Dan Costa welcomed us into the large store in the heart of a small Texas town of San Saba. He introduced us to the father-daughter team Ken and Karoline Jordan, the current co-owners of Harry’s. Dan is pretty familiar with the idea of working with one’s daughter, as his own daughter Kelsie Costa is the President of Noble Outfitters.

Ken and Karoline Jordan talked a little about the history of their store. Harry’s was founded in 1939 by no one else than Harry Shapiro, who once upon a time served as a Mayor of San Saba. He later sold the store to his employees and one of them became the city’s Mayor as well. If you care to guess the name of the current Mayor, you’ll be probably correct – it’s no other than Ken Jordan, the current owner of Harry’s. It’s a running joke that everybody who ever owned Harry’s must also become a Mayor.

The store resides in 5 building and all of them are over 100 years old. Each building is dedicated to a different product, for example, when you walk into the first building, all you can see is men’s boots.

Recipe of the Week was a Pecan Pie presented by Betty Ann Johnson. But is it pronounced a Pee-can or Pick-kahn Pie? Dan shared a funny mnemonics to easily remember it. Betty Ann then shared the origin of the recipe – she came up with it herself! The homemade crust is the secret of the delicious pie, so get the recipe HERE and try it for yourself!

Finally, Noble Child of Tomorrow was Ty Robertson; the hardest working 12-year old Dan has ever met. Ty helps his family during hay season, he helps his uncle rake and stack hay, drives a combine and much, much more.

Watch the full episode below and maybe you’ll even see a CEO of a successful company polishing shoes…

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  1. Enjoyed the Sept. 29th show on RFD. Would like to put my name in for a pair of ladies boots!!! Years ago we ran a western store and closed when economy got bad!! Have not purchased a pair since then….
    I am impressed with your story. It is too bad some of the newer generation is not so inclined.. Keep up the good ideas!!

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