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On the Road with Noble Outfitters: IFA Country Stores

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RFD-TV’s weekly show “On the Road with Noble Outfitters” has been traveling across the United States, visiting various farm and feed stores and talking about their past, present and future in the community. In this week’s episode of “On the Road with Noble Outfitters,” we visited IFA Country Stores in Ogden, UT.

IFA stands for “Intermountain Farmers” and after entering the store, Dan introduced us to IFA’s buyer Sandra Plaga and manager Trae Loos. Trae took us for a walk around the store. IFA Country Stores sell anything people may need for their home, ranch, rural lifestyle; they even sell live chickens and rabbits! Craving farm fresh eggs? IFA Country Stores can help! With 24 locations, you’ll surely find all the supplies you need to start your own chicken coop.

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Next, we met IFA Country Store’s CEO Layne Anderson and VP of Marketing Brad Camp. Since this was the first time “On the Road with Noble Outfitters” visited Utah, Dan and the IFA’s team talked not only about the history of the company, but also about the history of the state.

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The Recipe of the Week was presented by Sandy Shupe. She showed us delicious veggies prepared in a Dutch oven. You don’t need to have it suspended over the coals, you can get your own and use it in your conventional oven in the comfort of your own kitchen. Looking all gooey and cheesy? Get the recipe HERE.

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Instead of one Noble Child of the Week Dan talked to a couple of brothers! Quade and Kort Wayment talked about how they help their parents at their farm and would you believe that 9-year-old Kort can ride a tractor and help moving bales of hay? Both children show their animals at local shows and county fairs. For their hard work, both brothers got from Dan a crisp $100 bill.

Since IFA’s motto is “helping to grow the things you love,” they even sell items for beekeeping! Dan tried his hand on “growing” some sweet honey. Did he manage to avoid being stung by a bee? Watch the full episode below to find out!

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