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On The Road With Noble Outfitters: Shoppers

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RFD-TV’s weekly show “On the Road with Noble Outfitters” has been traveling all across the United States, visiting various farm and feed stores and talking about their past, present and future in the community. In this week’s episode of “On the Road with Noble Outfitters,” we visited Shoppers Supply in Chandler, AZ.

“On the Road with Noble Outfitters” host and Noble Outfitters CEO Dan Costa welcomed us into the 150,000 square feet store. He was welcomed by Kim Troby and Paul Winans, who showed him around the store. Shoppers is so big that Dan needed a comfortable pair of shoes! Naturally, he chose the Noble Outfitters All-Around Boots. Not only they are up to 40% lighter than an average boot on the market, thanks to the athletic Physio Outsole™ they feel like you are walking in a sneaker, not a Western boot! Pretty handy, if you want to walk the whole store in one day… After visiting the sporting goods department and talking to manager Scott Reid about the gun that changed the West, it was time for owners Jim and Tyler Schmidt to share the story of their company.

shoppers owners

In 1966, a Mr. George Schmidt opened a small business called Shoppers Supply. Starting out as a fleet and farm operation in the rural town of Spencer, Iowa, over the years it has blossomed into a multi-store retailing business.  Even today, Shoppers Supply continues to be a family-owned and operated retailer, run by three consecutive generations of the Schmidt family.

shoppers recipe

Recipe of the Week was a Beef Marinade, presented by Tim Parker. After a quick chat about a wood pellet grill – set it and forget it – Dan served a great piece of meat and even sliced it up himself! Looks like the 25 years experience in the restaurant industry turn out to be useful. Find the recipe HERE

shoppers child

Finally, Noble Child of Tomorrow was adorable 11-year-old Willow Root. Since horses are her life, she is working together with her family on rescuing horses and giving them a second chance. Willow introduced us to her horses BB and Johnny Cash, the latter wearing a fancy Noble Outfitters Guardsman Fly Mask. She talked to Dan about her desire about becoming a vet when she grows up.

Since the store is so big, Dan found an ingenious way to get around it and not get tired. What is it? Find out by watching the full episode below.

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