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On the Road with Noble Outfitters: Western Ranch Supply

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RFD-TV’s weekly show “On the Road with Noble Outfitters” has been traveling across the United States, visiting various farm and feed stores and talking about their past, present and future in the community. In this week’s episode of “On the Road with Noble Outfitters,” we visited Western Ranch Supply in Billings, Montana.

Dan Costa, Noble Outfitters CEO and “On the Road with Noble Outfitters” host, was greeted by one of the owners of Western Ranch Supply, Rob Erickson and his grandson Ryker. After they welcomed him into the spacious store in the heart of downtown Billings, Dan sat down with three owners who had been running the store since the late 90s. Rob Erickson, Keith Robinson, and Shane Vandivort talked about the history of WRS from the very beginning and what are they doing now. A guy named Ray Frank bought the company back in the 50s, with the same name and in the same location as right now. Rob came to work for Roy in 1981, when he started with sweeping floors. Keith and Shane came in a decade later and now they own the place and share their duties.

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Dan had a quick tour around the store that carries anything from tools and hardware to clothing, footwear and of course tack. He admired the décor of Western Ranch Supply, the store is full of historical photos from the past. They even have an old Diamond T truck on display. It belonged to the first owner, Ray Frank, and this part of the store’s history is now part of the store’s décor.

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After a quick excursion to Bighorn River, Montana, where Dan and his friend Joe showed us trout fishing in the best trout river in the world, we got a taste of the delicious “cowboy fondue.” Brad Kraft presented the Pitch Fork Fondue with homemade potato chips, marinated sirloin and butterfly shrimp. Can we say yummy? The hungry camera crew didn’t get to enjoy the meal, but Dan got his medium rare sirloin cooked to perfection. Are you getting hungry too? Get the recipe HERE.

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Finally, the Noble Child of Tomorrow was a 10-year-old cattle “man” Cash Shick. Despite his young age, he’s running cattle with his dad, raising bulls and working hard on a farm. For his hard work and dedication to helping with cattle Cash got a crisp $100 bill. At the end of the show Dan got on a horse – but did he really ride it? Watch the full episode below to find out!

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