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Our Best Ideas Are Yours


Here at Noble Outfitters™ we are about innovation—but in order to get ideas for that innovation—we pride ourselves on reaching out directly to you, our customer. We talk to men, women, young old, Western, or English riders alike and really try to understand what their needs are in apparel and gear, to come up with ways to make it better.


#1: We Listen

Our Product Development Meetings allow us to talk to our customers to really understand how our products can work better for your day-to-day. Whether that means adding some grip on our gloves, or making sure our MUDS® are comfortable enough to wear all day or withstand this current snow storm that has hit the East Coast, our best ideas really are yours.


#2: We Innovate

When is comes to our products, we want to provide our customers with the best of the best. Once we’ve listened to all of your great ideas, we are able to go back to the drawing board with our designers to create the most innovative products on the market.


#3: We Beat Expectations

A lot of other brands, even outside of the equestrian world, provide their customers with products they “think” you need. At Noble Outfitters™, our process allows us to find out what you really need.


#4: We Strive for Excellence  

Last but not least—we want to the best, not only for us, but for you. With the customers needs always top of mind, we’re able to meet business goals by providing you with products and tools that fit into your daily lives.


Have an idea for a product? Or want to suggest how to improve something we already make? We want your feedback here!

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