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Quiz: What jacket should you wear this winter?

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Jackets, coats, hoodies, vests and more – everyone is different, when it comes to the outerwear preference. Essential layers to keep you warm or simply fashion pieces? Take our fun quiz to find out what jacket YOU should wear this winter.

1. At what temperature do you start wearing a sweater?

A, Temperature – schmenperature, sweater weather starts the day when Starbucks brings back their Pumpkin Spice Latte.

B, Depends, but usually between 55 and 60 degrees.

C, When you can finally see your breath when you step outside.  

2. At what temperature do you start wearing a jacket?

A, Um, you don’t really need a jacket during winter…

B, When you start blanketing your horse.

C, When the temperature hits 0 degrees, you pull your winter coat out of your closet.

3. Do you like to wear a jacket when there’s snow?

A, Snow? What is snow? That fluffy white thing you see in movies?

B, You love snow… those three times a year it snows in your area.

C, Since you are looking at it at least six months a year, you kinda got used to it…

4. How often does it rain where you live?

A, Excuse me, we are in a drought!

B, Almost every day.

C, Whenever it doesn’t snow it rains.

5. On your morning walk to the barn you slip on your Noble Outfitters Cold Front MUDS® and…

A, Admire the cool air, shining sun and chirping birds.

B, Kick through wet leaves and mud.

C, Plow through snow and wonder how much longer until spring.


Most A:

Noble Outfitters Impulse Fleece Jacket

impulse blog

Most likely you live in California, Arizona or Nevada. A jacket is more a fashion piece for you than a warm layer protecting you from cold. You spend your winter horse rides in vests or hoodies, so the lightweight Impulse Fleece Jacket will be the perfect addition to your closet. Available in three new fall colors, grab your favorite and enjoy your “winter.”


Most B:

Noble Outfitters Cheval Waterproof Jacket

cheval blog post

Born and raised in areas like the Pacific Northwest, Florida or Louisiana, you never leave the house without a good pair of waterproof boots and a rain jacket. Winter season means rainy season, so get the new Cheval Waterproof Jacket to keep you dry and toasty. Fully seam sealed and waterproof, this will be your go-to outerwear piece to keep you dry during the frequent downpours this year.


Most C:

Noble Outfitters Evolution Insulated Jacket

evolution blog

Living in states similar to Colorado, Maine or Alaska, you are familiar with cold winters and LOTS of snow. Low temperatures don’t phase you, but when it gets really frosty, you need a good, thick jacket. The Evolution Insulated Jacket will not only keep you warm, but it’s also waterproof and will keep you dry. It’s designed with knit storm cuffs and a pommel cover, because there’s always time to fit in a good ride.

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