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Recipe of the Week: Schneider Saddlery Sweet Shop Cinnamon Rolls

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In this week’s episode of “On the Road with Noble Outfitters” we visited Schneider Saddlery and here is their delicious Cinnamon Rolls recipe they shared with us.

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2 oz. yeast

2 cups hot water

4.5 cups sugar

3.5 cups flour

3/4 lbs. butter blocks

8 oz. honey

4.5 cups brown sugar

*1.5lb RED (SS special ingredient) – see update below




1 cup butter

16 oz. cream cheese

8 cups confectioners sugar

4 tsp. vanilla


Mix dough in large mixer for 15 minutess on low speed, loaf and let rise for about 45 minutes. Then roll dough out and add butter, sprinkle cinnamon to cover dough and add RED. Roll dough up & slice to desired size, place in pans (4 by 6 inches) and rise again for 30 minutes. Bake at 325 degrees for 12 minutes. Remove from oven and ice with cream cheese icing.


**Update** For RED please call Chris Johnson from Sweet Shop at 614-893-2750 or email

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  1. Ahhh what is RED (SS special ingredient) I’d love to try these thank you they sound good and is that 3/4 lb of butter or 3/4 cube

  2. And the secret ingredient is…?
    And where can it be purchased?

    The correspondent noted ALL of the information would be made public.

  3. where do I find RED (SS specialingredient? How many cinamon rolls does this recipe make? There are 9 cups of sugar in it?

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