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The Story of the Guardsman Fly Mask


Each Noble Outfitters product is designed with direct input from horse professionals and enthusiasts. Designers take their time to meet with professional and leisure riders, shop owners and regional distributors to ask them what they would like to see in the future of the equine industry. After these meetings, the design team follows the feedback they’ve received and creates innovative products for the consumer, but often it’s customers like you who make the greatest influence on the design products. The Guardsman™ Fly Mask is no exception.

From the moment you take it off the rack, you’ll notice the Guardsman Fly Mask™ is like no other mask on the market, not only because of its unique packaging that allows you to see it rather than having to pull it out of a box and stuff it back in, but because of the quality you can feel and the innovative features you can see.

Like anything inventive, some adjustments had to be made along the way. Here are some of the ways the Guardsman Fly mask has evolved since version one was introduced;

NOBLE Fly Mask 75002 BIC13143

Hook-and-Loop Tied Into the Flex Spline Ridges

Secure double hook-and-loop closures under the jaw promised that the mask would not be removed easily, however because these closures were sewn onto the mesh alone, it was discovered that the occasional mischievous pasture mate was able to grab either of the straps and tear them off.

When customer feedback brought the issue to the attention of the Noble Outfitters design team, they quickly got to work on resolving the issue.

In order to increase durability, the straps of the hook-and-loop closures have been tied into the Flex Spline Ridges along the side of either cheek.

Now, even if the straps become detached from the mesh, they have another, more sturdy point of contact, lessening the chances that the mask will be removed by another horse.

NOBLE Fly Mask 75002 BIC11181

Elastic Added to Throat Latch

With horses’ habits and jaw movements in mind, elastic was added to the hook-and-loop closure strap so that the it would move with the horse’s jaw and be more comfortable while eating.

NOBLE Fly Mask 75002 BIC12886

Fleece Wrapped Cheek Panel Corners

To provide additional comfort, fleece was wrapped around the corners of the mask’s cheek panels to avoid potentially uncomfortable rubbing and abrasions.

NOBLE Fly Mask 75002 BIC13245

Extended Hook-and-Loop Closure on the Nose Attachment

The design team wanted the mask to provide a more customizable fit once consumers expressed a need for greater adjustability. On horses with larger jaws and smaller noses, the mask would fit well but the detachable nose cover was too long. A solution was found in extending the width of the Velcro at the top of the nose cover, allowing for greater adjustability.

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