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Top Halloween Costumes For Your Horse

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It’s that time of year for apple cider, sweaters, fall colors… and planning your costume for yourself and your horse! A costume for your horse? Why, of course! With a little bit of design creativity, you can make your horse a Halloween costume like no other. Our favorite mini horse Patrick and his owner Sarah are famous for their elaborate historical costumes, matching superhero attire or simple homage to a legendary horse from the past century. Enjoy these classic horse and rider themed costumes and don’t forget to share them with your friends!

1. Darla and Nemo – Darla was not exactly the most lovable character in Finding Nemo, but definitely one of the most memorable ones. Copy her style with two pig tails, a purple sweater, skirt and some white socks. Your horse will quickly transform into Nemo with the help of adult-sized fish costume. 

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2. A queen and the best destrier in her kingdom – after finding the perfect dress for you, it’s time to get to work on his costume! An ornate blanket, fleur-de-lis shield and some home-made horse armor will do the trick.

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3. A pair of Superheroes – show off your superpowers in matching Superhero costumes! A blue Sleazy Sleepwear Hood with a home-made red cape and attached Superman shield will look great on your four-hoofed friend. 

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4. Snow White and her favorite dwarf – mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the easiest costume of them all? Simply attach a fake beard to the bottom portion of the halter, wrap a red blanket around his body and finish off your horse’s costume with a brown hat. 

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5. Mini Secretariat – pay a tribute to a great horse with a great costume! A white and blue checkered fly mask or blinker hood is the only thing you need. 

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6. A bride and a groom – finally, if your horse is on the smaller side, he can comfortably fit into the role of a groom, while you walk him around looking stunning in your wedding dress. 

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Which one is your favorite costume? Are you going to dress up your horse this year? Let us know in comments below!

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