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Trainers Picks: Blankets


Brian and Darla Lee of Lee Quarter Horses in Plain City, OH.

Darla Lee of Lee Quarter Horses has been riding since she was nine. Her main focus is hunter under saddle horses on the AQHA and NSBA circuit. She loves riding 2 year olds, it is by far her favorite thing to do. Her husband rides western horses and they do have some all-around non pros that they enjoy helping in the all-around events. It’s really hard for Darla to pick just one favorite horse having had the opportunity to ride so many great ones. However, her favorite win on a horse was in 2008 when she won the 2 year old Hunter-Under-Saddle at the Quarter Horse Congress. The horse, named Debonair Deluxe MM “Devon” was a true underdog and was very green but had amazing natural talent and it was that alone that won the class. He is now 7 and Darla has him back in the barn now and truly loves riding him!

As a trainer, Darla enjoys watching a horse and rider progress. For Darla, it’s really an amazing feeling seeing a 2 year old that she starts do something great in the show ring. And in the same way, she says it is very rewarding watching a client become a good rider. Her philosophy is that it’s not always about winning but about learning and improving. If a horse and rider are always improving the wins will come. Darla’s favorite shows are the NSBA futurities, The Tom Powers futurity in June, and the NSBA World Show in August. For Darla, this is where the young horses really get to shine and it’s always an exciting time for horse trainers to show their young stock. Visit Darla on her Facebook page at

“When I have new customers enter the barn I would love them to buy these essentials for their horse.”

trainersPicks_sleazys 1. Sleazys: “I like Robinhoods. I have found that they hold up the best and have the best fit. The zippers are plastic and are easy on the horses’ skin and never malfunction. They have lots of choices for summer and winter weights.”

Available at Robinhoods for $69.95
trainersPicks_stableSheet2. Stable Sheet: “Schneiders makes a great sheet in their V-Free collection that is easy on the horse’s withers when being worn daily. They have great quality leg straps and trim that hold up nicely with wear and washing.”

Available at Schneiders for $59.99
trainersPicks_stableBlanket3. Stable Blanket: “Schneiders mid-weight blanket is my choice because we have a heated barn. It is perfect for layering without getting our horses too hot. A liner or extra sheet can be combined with this blanket for colder weather. If you have a horse that gets hot easily this is the best choice to get them comfortable.”

Available at Schneiders for $84.99
trainersPicks_hoods4. Hoods: “Schneiders neck cover. A brilliant idea!!! It is IMPOSSIBLE for a horse to get hurt with this neck cover vs. traditional full face hoods. We will never own a full hood again after using these. They can be paired with a sleazy in super cold weather with no worry of the horse’s safety.”

Available at Schneiders for $49.99
trainersPicks_satinCooler5. Satin Cooler: “For the warmer times while showing we like a lighter cooler. The satin cooler is very stylish and light weight. Great for spring and fall horse shows.”

Available at Schneiders for $79.99
trainersPicks_heavyweightCooler6. Heavyweight Cooler: “This is a must have for winter horse showing. They are a great fit and don’t slip. They are easily worn weather a horse is saddled or not.”

Available at SmartPak for $189.95

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