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What’s In My Bag? Molly Kinnamon



Molly Kinnamon is well on her way to achieving her dream of riding for the USET.

Ever since Molly started riding, twenty-two years ago, she knew that her ultimate goal, her big dream, was to ride for the United States Equestrian Team. Along the way, she has learned that no big dreams are possible unless you build on the smaller experiences that come along.

Molly started her eventing journey with Pony Club when she was ten years old and by the time she was seventeen, she had received the nationally-ranked “A” rating. After Pony Club, she had a chance to compete for the North American Young Riders (NAYRC) two-star team.  From there she attended California State University at Fresno on a full scholarship competing with the Varsity Equestrian Team while pursing her degree in Animal Sciences with a emphasis in Equine Studies.

Some of the people that Molly has recently come in contact with are Roddy Strang (“horse educator extraordinaire”!), Boyd Martin (an extremely talented event rider), Silva Martin (a phenomenal dressage rider) and Michael Matz (an Olympic medalist show jumper and now very successful race horse trainer). She has had the chance to break horses, gallop race horses, ride dressage horses, and work in many other barns of all shapes and sizes. Molly appreciates every day and the insights she learn on how to get the most out of her horses, the most out of her students and the most out of life in general.

Learn more about the grooming gear that Molly takes with her to shows.

  1. Noble Outfitters EquinEssential™ Tote
    I love organization and this bag gives me the ability to have a spot for everything!
    Available at, $54.99
  2. Fly Spray
    We can’t have our beloved friends being pestered by insects!
    Available at, $12.99
  3. Cowboy Magic Detangler
    I’m a “big tail” girl.  The horses need to have a banging good tail, this helps.
    Available at, $21.99
  4. Farrier’s Fix Hoof Oil
    Everyone wants shiny toes, but this product actually keeps them healthy too!
    Available at, $21.99
  5. Sore No More Liniment
    I feel this a great treat for my horses after they give me their best in competition.
    Available at, $19.99
  6. Safety Spin Tee Tap
    At events, we need to put studs in the shoes for traction, this is the safest way possible!
    Available at, $31.95
  7. Towels
    A true necessity with so many uses!
    Available at, $11.97
  8. Baby Oil and Baby Wipes
    Again, cleanliness is happiness!  Baby wipes and baby oil are necessary for 100 different things.
    Available at, $2.49-$3.84
  9. Brushes, Brushes, and more Brushes
    You have to have plenty of brushes choice… each horse has their favorite!
    Available at, $19.99 
  10.  Noble Outfitters™ 5 O’clock Hoof Pick
    An absolute need for all horses. This hoof pick even has multiple uses!
    Available at, $11.99
  11.  Noble Outfitters™ Viper Knife
    Not only is it stylish and I can find it anytime, it helps me in emergency situations. Every rider should carry this pocket knife in their grooming tote.
    Available at, $22.99
  12. Noble Outfitters™ Outrider™ Glove
    These are must have for every rider. English or western, riding or grooming, they protect your hands extraordinary and are applicable around horses.
    Available at, $22.99

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