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What’s In My Bag? Tyler Weber


Tyler Weber, from Pennsylvania, is an up-and-coming calf roper and team roper.  This 21 year-old has roped all his life, and comes from a well-respected roping and ranch family.  Tyler competes on his 12 year old Quarter Horse, Cougar.  He has already made a name for himself on the First Frontier Circuit.  This past summer during the PRCA Tyler, as a rookie, won the year end tie-down roping Cowtown buckle.  It was his proudest moment.  “I love that I can get as good as I want to.  I can invest as much time as I want and see direct results.  I love that it takes good horsemanship, not just skill with a rope to be a good roper.  I love that it takes an understanding of the horse you are riding, and an oneness with your animal.  I enjoy the speed of the event and the rush after a smooth and quick run,” comments Tyler about his sport.  Watch for him at the circuit finals this January in Harrisburg at the farm show complex in the calf roping and team roping events.


This past summer during the PRCA Tyler, as a rookie, won the year end tie-down roping Cowtown buckle.

The Noble Outfitters FlexGrip Roping Glove is Tyler’s first choice for a fast, thin, close contact roping glove.

Learn more about the gear Tyler takes with him to events.

  1. Noble Outfitters Retro Roper’s™ Bag:
    I love the look and its super lightweight for a product that’s so durable and well made!
    Available at, $109.99
  2. Fast Back 4 Strand Calf Rope (soft white, 10.5mm):
    It’s my favorite calf rope right now because it stays true in all weather conditions with hardly any stretch and lots of action.
    Available at, $39.00
  3. Noble Outfitters Mustang Knife:
    This is a great knife. It’s really well made and fits really easy in my hand for a great grip, easy use. It’s also super sharp!
    Available at, $11.99
  4. Fast Back Ropes Natural Heel Rope:
    I am lucky to be sponsored by Fastback Ropes because this is my favorite healing rope. It’s highly visible natural color made of specially manufactured materials gets better grip on the horn!
    Available at, $39
  5. Noble Outfitters Outrider Glove:
    These gloves are tough despite having thin material, giving me better feel. I don’t lose any of my dexterity and my hands are still protected when working.
    Available at, $22.99
  6. Fast Back Ropes ULTIMATE 4 Head Rope:
    This is my favorite heading rope right now because it has a smooth, quick feel with a little extra body.
    Available at, $36
  7. Baby Powder:
    It’s great for keeping my ropes soft and feeling good.
    Available at, $3.99
  8. Pearl Running P Calf String:
    I have used them ever since I started calf roping and they are what I am most comfortable using.
    Available at, $17.50
  9. Apples
    It’s a great snack for me and my horse!
    Available at your local grocery store
  10. FlexGrip Roping Gloves:
    These gloves are fast and thin, giving me a really close contact feel.
    Available at, $19.99

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