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“What’s in My Bag?” with Gretchen Zavarella


A native of Pittsburgh, PA, Noble Outfitters sponsored rider Gretchen Zavarella is an accomplished competitor in the hunter/jumper arena. Her awards include Varsity Letter at University of South Carolina, WPaPHA High Point Equitation Junior Rider, Ethel Chubb Trophy Recipient, WPaPHA Horsemanship Award, WPaPHA Reserve Year End Very Green Hunter and more. Her teammate is Benny, a bay Thoroughbred who, like many Thoroughbreds, has thin skin and tends to be on the sensitive side. Here’s what Gretchen keeps in her Noble Outfitters EquinEssential Tote to keep Benny comfortable and looking his best;

1. Assorted brushes
Benny has really sensitive skin so I have to change what I’m using on him depending what I’m trying to clean.


2. Eskadron Memo Open Front Boots
I always use open front boots when jumping.
Available at ($125)


3. Polo wraps
I always use polo wraps when flatting horses


3. Solocomb
Benny is not the best behaved boy to get his mane pulled so I use a Solocomb to maintain it in between pulling. (Sorry Braider friends 😬)
Available at


3. Fillis Stirrup Irons
I use traditional irons when riding equitation classes.
Available at ($29.99)


4. Signature Spurs 
I love that my name is engraved on these spurs! They are one of my favorite Christmas gifts.


5. Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Cool Mesh Gloves
These are my favorite summer gloves! They keep my fingers protected from blisters and calluses, however they don’t make me sweat.
Available at ($19.95)


6. An Extra Bit
I change bits depending on what I’m working on that day or if my horse needs something different.


7. Velcro Brush
I hate when Velcro is filled with hay and dirt from the barn, so I keep a brush in my tote to clean Velcro on my polo wraps and open front boots.
Available at ($5.95)


8. Noble Outfitters Biosecurity Wash
Benny gets hives a lot from his environment. I spray down horse show stalls when we arrive and his skin when he seems to be affected.
Available at ($34.95)


9. Noble Outfitters Wound Care
I keep this handy in my grooming tote to quickly clean up any nicks or cuts I find during daily grooming.
Available at ($14.95)


10. Sore No More Gelotion
I love the Sore No More product line since they do not have harsh chemicals in them. My Thoroughbred’s thin skin is able to tolerate the super effective yet gentle formula.
Available at ($16.99)


11. Vellus Be Calm
This is a mixture of essential oils that help with calming.  I think it really helps take the edge off the younger horses for training at home.
Available at$14.95 – $29.95)

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